Joseph Tully

A Fearless and Meticulous Advocate for Individual Rights and Liberty

Joseph Tully, a leading California criminal lawyer and author, helps people defend their liberty and reputation in a broken criminal justice system. Joseph’s remarkable record of earning Not Guilty verdicts is based on an unwavering willingness to fight back against law enforcement’s presumption of guilt and prosecutors’ deal making machinery that bullies a guilty plea without proving a case.

Attorney Tully’s meticulous preparation consistently uncovers reasonable doubt, Not Guilty in the eyes of the law, by identifying every imperfection in the prosecutor’s case, discrediting unreliable witnesses, excluding tainted evidence, spotlighting police misconduct, and identifying legitimate alternative fact narratives. Superficial cases fail and justice is restored under Joseph’s scrutiny and diligence.

With a statewide trial schedule that would exhaust the Lincoln Lawyer, Joseph Tully provides expert commentary for the media and his book California: State of Collusion (Sutton Hart September 2018).


Marijuana and Drug Charges


Violent Felony Defense


Stand Your Ground Self Defense


White Collar Crime Defense

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California: State of Collusion

One of California’s most diligent and successful criminal lawyers, Joseph Tully, uncovers the institutionalized chaos of California’s criminal “justice” system.

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