Criminal law has been in the news, and NBCLX has provided great coverage. While news about killings, murders, and arrests is downbeat, these stories are compelling and attract attention from press and viewers. They can help us learn about human nature, our rights and responsibilities, compassion, and Justice.

I appeared on cable and streaming news service NBCLX several times in the past month to discuss the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, the killing of Ahmaud Arbery, and the school shooter in Michigan.

NBCLX is a new NBC news network geared toward the 18-45 age range that reaches the demographic on the screens they use. Streaming, apps, Roku, and online. The channel is bringing local news, original programming, and reports from to a younger audience, bringing Millennials and Gen Z stories that are relevant, engaging, and impactful. They have more depth and an engaging storytelling approach that digs beneath the soundbites.

Every death is a tragedy, and every case is an opportunity to learn and grow.