I was interviewed by Matt Brannon of the Redding Record Searchlight regarding a case I am involved with. Matt covers politics, the criminal justice system, and breaking news for the newspaper.

Wil Williams was a corporal in the Redding Police Department, and was arrested on charges that will prove unwarranted, and that could be the result of retaliation. The City and RPD learned last year that Williams and three other officers were planning to sue for age discrimination. Prosecutors charged both Wil, and my client his wife with “maintaining a drug house and possessing marijuana for sale”. Three other officers that sued the city of Redding for age discrimination suddenly had internal RPD investigations digging into their police files. This smacks of retaliation.

Wil Williams is a co-defendant in a case I’m attorney of record on.  His wife, my client, is Heather Legault-Williams.

Redding police officer planned to sue city before arrest, attorneys say (subscription required)
Matt Brannon – Redding Record Searchlight – May 18, 2021